Epicha is a gentle and feminine mare of Polish and Spanish bloodlines. 
She is breed in Denmark and started out as a racing horse for D.A.G. 
(Danish Arab Galop Society) when she was 4 years old. 

In 1999 she was covered by Choice (WN Oquendo x Zahda)-Amina came. And in 2001 and 2002 by DA Korrado (Kubinec x Al Zahrah) which gave us Ja'Korac and Ja'pih. In 2004 Epicha went to Germany and was bred to with Jahill ( Thee Desperado x Ansata Justina) which resulted in Al Ja'caar .  In 2005 she was covered with our own SE stallion, The Promise (The Minstril x El Thay Tofha ) and hope for a filly after a row of 3 sons from Epicha here at Ja'Arabians.
Epicha is a strong and fast mare with very good movements.
She is
152 cm tall and she is grey with a dark hang.
2001 she also was a very fine partner in three endurance races. She 
won the second time she raced
35 km , and she will join lots of races in 
years to come. She enjoyes motherhood also. And we are very proud of her offsprings. Al Ja'caar from 2005 is one of a kind !

In April
2004 Epicha and I rode 28 km endurance like she had been doing nothing else for the last two years. She was flying! With Epicha it has always been a conflict of breeding or ridning ?  She does both in a superb way..... She is expecting foal in July 2006  after The Promise and will not be covered for 2007 due to riding.

We have two nice sons of her for sale ; Ja'pih and Al Ja'caar. You can see them on the SALESLIST  or OFFSPRING.

Pedigree & Picture s


Epicha gave birth to a very fine dark colt after Jahill on the 11th of
July 2005. She is a gentle and caring mother to him and he is very
leggy and typy and like we hoped for.He is really better than we had hoped for....

Al Ja'caar 2 days old and all legs