EH Ghazia was born in 1992 in the U.S. and exported to Germany.
She is Straight Egyptian and black with very big eyes. Her height is
150 cm, she is elegant and moves very beautifully.EH Ghazia is not ridden but used for breeding only. To New Mexico where she was born and bred by Erich Hagenlocher, 
we keep contact. Her dam passed away in November 2004.

EH Ghazia has been bred as follow:
1997 to Nijamin - 1999 to Waseem Mouraad - 2001 to M.A. Alishah -2002, 2003 and 
2004 to Al Shuhruf. In 2005 we tried our own SE stallion , The Promise.

She came to Denmark in October
2002, when she had finished nursuring her El 
Dahab foal from March
2002 . Her black son, a handsome stallion from 2000, was sold to Denmark : He is called Halim El Dahab and is a breeding stallion at Amlet Arabians here in Denmark. Ghazia's first daughter , AR Gharibah ,by Nijamin (Gharib x Nedjari) is in Denmark as well at Truban Stud.

EH Ghazia had a grey filly in
2002. It was a beautiful filly called Ghayatana El Dahab and she was sold to Mr. Johannes Krammer in Austria already before she was born. Ghayatana is under education at the moment  .

 In May 2004 Ghazia was inserminated with semen from Al Shuhruf. From this breeding season Al Shuhruf is availeble on frozen semen. We are happy to say that she is in foal in first try -  From this breeding Ja'na bint Ghazia arrived. One year after her full sister Ja'Zia died form us.

At Ja'Arabians she is one of the leading broodmares and out of her we have had 2 black fillies ; Ja'Zia and Ja'na bint Ghazia. She is expecting a SE foal after The Promise in July 2006. We hope for a very, very dark colour............

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