Al  Ja'caar is entering shows in June and July 2008

Class winner and winner of Top Five in Lemgo June 2008.

First show in Lemgo Germany he did well with help form Anna. He was loud and showed himself .

First time to a show in Lemgo 2008.

Second time in Brecht in Emerald Egyptian Event at July 2008:

His best points were 87 and he had a 5th and a 6th place- (photo credit Helle Nielsen)


Entering the international A-show at Vilhelmborg  the 5th of July 2008:

Lots of thanks go to his trainer Anna and to Simone. He has developed very well.



Just two years old under here:

            AL JA'CAAR in June 2007.                Photo credit: Helle Nielsen, DK

And sire and son: Jahill and Al Ja'caar.

Jahill Thee Desperado The Minstril
AK Amiri Asmarr
Ansata Justina Jamilll
Ansata Judea
Epicha Epi Etat  
Ruscha WN Oquendo

Al Ja'caar was born the 11th of July 2005. He is a tall and long legged colt
with a gentle and sweet attitude. Also he is very , very dark and will get
darker . It is the most fantastic colour under his foal colour! He is one of a kind!

We see him as Pers coming endurance horse and therefore he is now a gelding. We have plans for his education as well and hope to bring him into competition in 2010.


Jahill (Thee Desperado x Ansata Justina)