Ja'dore 2008




Thee Desperado

The Minstril

AK Amiri Asmarr

Ansata Justina


Ansata Judea

Kaheela el Dahab



Durreyat Al BadeiaDurreyat Al Badeia

L.Arab Monisa

Lathim El Shaklana





Ja’dore was born at Ja’Arabians big, fit and well 4th of  May 2008 . We cannot quite believe the luck we have getting one more adorable filly out of Kaheela El Dahab. We hope her colour stays red, but the next week will show if she grows grey. Ja'dore is almost straight Egyptian but with a little string to El Shaklan in her damlines. She is born in  "full size" and will become a big Arabian in time.



                                         May 2008 -first time out only six hours old!


                                  Milk all over!



Above Ja'dore as a yearling May 2009.


Photo of Jahill by Helle Nielsen, Svanemosen.