Halim El Dahab

Waseem Mouraad

Waseem Pasha Moniet

Waseem Aahroufa

EH Ghazia

AK Sirhalima

EH Gharibah

Sayana UP Sheitan Mehanna
Sheykha Abbayah
Saymoha Mohafez
Moneera Saadymay


Out of Sayana and Halim El Dahab we had this fine black filly in August 2005.  Ja'sana is straight Egyptian, and a fine, intellegent and lovely filly . From dish and expression she is really nice with a correct body and legs also. She moves very well like both her dam and sire .  Ja'sana  is very attached to humans.  And we to her. She kind of belongs  at Ja'Arabians. Below photos from June 2009: She is four.




                     Ja'sana June 2007 almost two years old. Photos above by Simone Henning & Anna.




   We will like to keep her for our future breeding programWe are keeping her for both black and beauty and SE-lines. 






Halim El Dahab (Waseem Mouraad x EH Ghazia)