Mandel SS is bred at "Stutteri Svanemose".  He is after Endel and pure Polish. Mandel is educated with natural horsemanship  and Western ridden. He is a dominant type who takes the lead. He is also very handsome and moves big and beautifully. He has grown into 154 cm flea bitten grey.


In 2009 he is serious endurance horse due to horsemanship and slow training for a couple of years at LC level and LB level. He has never been overtrained or pushed too hard forwards longer classes.

Obove is two photos from 27th June 2009 at the Karmdal Race and below a bit of history from the seasons before that: The history is a bit out of order so are the photos. Please bear with us.....



We have entered Mandel into endurance again in 2006: NordSlesvig Ridtet , Norddjurslands Ridtet and  Vesterhavs Ridtet . In 2007 he will enter Djurland again and Dronninglund  (photo obove).

Pedigree & Picture
We bought him for endurance. And started training him to compete. We planned to step a level each year : 2002 for LC - 2003 for LB - 2004 for LA but things did not work out for us. But new plans are made for him and the breaks have done him well. In 2008 we hope to reach level LA.

2002  was Mandel's first season joining these endurance races:
in Dronninglund 25 km.
in Birken 25 km.
in Djursland 27 km.
in Arabian Riding Show 20 km.

It was a start of around 100 km  and we hoped for more in the year after. Instead we had a break from racing till 2006.

In May 2006 we have started him once more:  He had succes in doing 30 km and as they took a wrong turn it became 39 km actually.

In August 2006 we had a second place doing 39 km in Djurslandsridtet. With ideal speed Mandel and Per rode 11 km per hour and was at the finish line at 13:52:04 - only 4 seconds from the idealtime for the class. Without GPS it was.

And in September Per and Mandel set out to ride 45 km at Vesterhavsridtet. It took them 4 hours and 22 minuts, but last check  jugded them out. 

(photo credit Paul Pedersen).


              ( Vesterhavsridtet 2rd September 2006 doing 45 km )


Djurslands Ridtet 12th August 2006 doing a 39 km distance and same place in 2007 doing also 39 km on the11th of August 2007:

Only much warmer in 2007. Windy in Dronninglund 2007.

Rainy in Rom 2009.




Nord Slesvig Ridtet  May 2006 - Per & Mandel first time racing together.



 These photos are taken in Birken just before the 2rd race. Mandel raced very fine with pulses at 54 in the beginning and as low as 44 right after  25 km. He had all "A"s in his first race in Dronninglund and the pulses then were just as fine. Only we went much faster in the 2nd race in Birken. And Mandel did not mind that !
At the riding show at CALBAR we rode 3.06 minuts from the idealtime and had the forth place .
Mandel had a long break from riding in 2004 and 2005.
These  pictures are from Veggerslev in Djursland 2002. Sorry, the vet discharged us by the end of the race -otherwise we would have won the class together with Chester



Theise two showing Jane and Mandel; the young boy and the fully grown fellow below 2009 in Skærbæk:.