Ja’pih is out of Epicha. He moves elegantly and showy. He puts his tail up and trots like his mother. He also has the sweet temper of Epicha and loves to talk with us. He was born on the 8th  of July 2003 and has developed into a handsome 4 year old stallion. When finished growing Ja'pih will reach 153-155 cm.

Ja’pih has long perfect legs, a well shaped body and a long neck. He is brown with grey hairs , three small white socks and half a thin blaze. It seems he is growing grey. He bears him self athletic and self confident. He has expressive eyes and a typy head. He like to make friends with humans and takes interest in what we are doing to get in contact with us. In his own way he reflects over how to relate to us and why ? He is  ready to start his education. His mind is. His body needs more time to grow. Ja'pih is easy and respectful, and still stallion.

Ja’pih pleases us so much that he has stayed at Ja’Arabians to play with our stallion from Germany, Asala Sil Adhar. It has been so for 3˝ years , but now Ja'pih is ready to make friends with his new partner/ owner in riding sport. He will make someone a very fine partner and we have put him up for sale. As his mother he will become a fine riding horse for  fx. endurance or dressage. We do not see him as a future breeding stallion.

Ja'pih is sold again to Michell Waldorff who lives in Sweden. She is buing him for riding and freetime joy with an Arabian horse, whom she has been seeking for a while. We wish them the best of luck in the future. Ja'pih is leaving Denmark in December 2008.  We hope for lots of news and photos from Michell and Ja'pih.

 Ja'pih was for sale for a reasonable price and was reserved by Lisette Hansen, Gedser; and left us September 2007 to start his education for riding and breeding in Lisettes stable. We wish them both the best of luck with each other.

 Pedigree  & Pictures


Very nice new photos of Ja'pih from 2010 from Heste-Galleri.


Ja'pih with his rider Helena age 14.