Chester is a Connemare bred in Denmark .He is not Arabians, but Per's horse.
He is golden palomino after Tootle U and Tjempa’s Cinderella. 
Chester is born the
20.06.1992 , sold from his breeder Anne Pedersen
to Bjarne Bunde-Pedersen on to Per the

Pedigree & Picture

New of the endurance season 2010:

Chester and Per 10th of July 2010 in Klosterheden doing 36 km very well. Photo by Helle Vistisen.



Per started riding Chester again after Mandel died. It turned out to be a good choice. They won the Demo 41 km Class in Copenhagen 2010. Here for the 3rd time at Fortunen riding into Dyrehaven


 At the age of 18 Chester did 42 km at Molsridtet on the 5th of June 2010:

He has a history of both jumping and dressage, and being a working cowhorse in Mols. After we had him he had a few years of just smaller trips to the beach and in the country, Per started to train Chester for endurance. It was a succes !

Chester is good at it and fit . He has strong legs and like to trot for miles and miles. He has always good energy and a will to go forward. 
He is also a grown and calm horse, who travels and adjust easily. 
We always enjoy bring him to a competition, and he does always make a fine impression  on the other riders. First due to his colour, people comment on him, but also becourse he is nice to be with. His nickname is “The Golden Horse”-  for colour and for winning. Chester has won a lot so it is a fitting name.