Epicha is a gentle and feminin mare out of Polish and Spanish
bloodlines. She is from Denmark and started out as a racing horse
for D.A.G. (Danish Arab Galop).
1999 she was covered with Choice (WN Oquendo x Zahda)
and in
2001 and 2002 with DA Korrado (Kubinec x Al Zahrah). In 2004 she was bred to Jahill (The Desperado x Ansata Justina) and in 2005 to The Promise ( The Minstil x El Thay Tuffha) for July 2006.

Pedigree & Picture s


Epicha is a strong and fast mare with very good movements.
She is
153 cm heigh and grey with dark hang. In 2001 she also
was a very fine partner in 3 endurance races. She won the second time she raced at
35 km and did 53 km also. She is competing at LB - level.
Epicha did
28 km endurance at Aaskov Ridtet the 11.04.2004 before she left Denmark to be bred to Jahill. After her foal July 2006 she will rest to be ready to ride for 2007. With this mare things are always complicated as she does endurance as good as motherhood. And gives great foals...

Epicha with Al Ja'caar sired by Jahill 2005.

Jane & Epicha doing 53km .