We chose this special colt for our future breeding stallion at Ja’Arabians. Asala Sil Adhar has a very typy head and a refined body. His legs and hooves are correct and well shaped. He moves well too and has appearance 
and attitude. His personality is calm, awake and happy.



We chose him for his pedigree, with a “genepool” for black and very typy male 
personalities like Maysoun, Salaa el Dine , Ansata el Salaam, Nahaman, Madallan Madheen and Ibn Moheba; just to mention some of them.  He also has Hanan twice, the beautiful Ameera, Asra mares and Erich Hagenlocher’s lines of black on the female side. 



Asala Sil Adhar is bred in Germany by Tanja Lux in Lemgo. He came to us around Christmas
2003.                                      He develops well and is a black-grey lovely 6 -year old stallion. February 2009 below: May 2009  over here:

We hope he will grow according to his fine pedigree and bring us fine offsprings; 
many of them fillies and black. Asala Sil Adhar will not enter our breeding program until 2009.

Pedigree & Pictures

Breeding fee and  breeding contract - Print version.


Asala Sil Adhar at Ja'Arabians in May 2005:














Summer 2005

Winter 2009.




May 2009 and 6 years old and grown up!