Foto: Heidi Rasmussen

Waseem Mouraad


Ibn Moniet El Nefous

Bint Serasaab

Waseem Aahroufa

AK Waaeem Montaal

Waseem Ahroufa

EH Ghazia

AK Sirhalima

Ansata Ibn Halima


EH Gharibah


El Garia

Halim El Dahab is born in 2000, he is black and Straight Egyptian, and a real charmer, that understands to show himself off. He has wonderful movements, fine head with big beautiful eyes. He has a very nice temper with very strong nerves, and is extremely sweet. He is well-built, good overline, nicely formed neck, good strong legs and hooves. He is also the son of my black mare EH Ghazia and has a sweet nature like her.  Halim El Dahab is bred by El Dahab Stud in Germany  and imported to Denmark in 2002.Halim is owned by Amlet Arabians. In June 2004 we bred Sayana to Halim El Dahab. Form this breeding we have Ja'sana, a black SE filly from 2005.



Halim at the international at Vilhelmsborg 2004 shown by Scott Almann.

Offspring sired by Halim El Dahab

Ja'sana ( Halim El Dahab x Sayana )