Three foals from 2008 to be seen under offspring

and  his son Al Ja'caar entering shows in June and July 2008 :

Jahill in Denmark at Ja'Arabians in June 2007

Photo credit Helle Nielsen, Svanemosen, DK

Showing Jahill at the age of 12 on Ja'Arabians, June 2007.



Jahill on the beach early morning before 7 o'clock ....



May 2007

Jahill ( Thee Desperado x Ansata Justina ) is owned by Simone Henning in Germany and stabled at Frank Spönle. He is bred in Israel by Ariela Arabians. He is a liver chestnut SE stallion  and showed twice with fine results:

At Classic Egyptian Show Tilburg 2003 : 1)  ZT Sahjat 2) Radames II 3) Jahill

In Schotten, Germany 2002 Jahill had these points:

TYPE 19 19 19 
19 19 18
17 16 18
16 16 17
18 18 18  


Jahill is after Thee Desperado  and halfbrother to so fine stallions as         
True Colours, BJ Thee Mustafa, BB Thee Renegade, The Asil, Thee Infidel, Thee Fugitive and The Verdict HG. Ansata lines are on his mother's side  and makes him even more special. Jahill is a ridden stallion. His built is perfect for endurance and so is his temper. He is ridden with mares in the forest and is really gentle and calm. Jahill is 155 cm tall  and really elegant.

Pedigree & Pictures

Jahill covered both Epicha and Kaheela El Dahab in June 2004 in Germany, but only Epicha was in foal for July 2005. From that breeding we have Al Ja'caar. We plan to use this stallion again and have the chance to breed Kaheela, Ghazia and Tuffaha to him when he comes here in June 2007.  We choose this stallion for his fantastic type  and sporty built for endurance.




Offspring sired by Jahill


Al Ja'caar  (Jahill x Epicha)




SH Aisha Jora (Jahill x Allora)