The Promise  June 2007 - Photo credit, Helle Nielsen, Svanemosen,DK.


We have had the honour of The Promise in our stables since January 2005.

The Promise is an elegant and noble stallion with lots of grace and charm. He is born

on the the 7th of August 1997 and breed by The Snelgroves in Waterford, Canada.

The Promise is a typy stallion with a very long neck, a tiny refined head, straight legs

and a well shaped body with a high set tail. All in all he is in harmony in a graceful way.





Also The Promise is very calm and has a relaxed temper, he is in good balance and in

good shape; even though he has been travelling for 2 months to get to Denmark from

Caledonia in Ontario, Canada. These photos are from May 2005.


From both appearance and temper The Promise has full-filled our expectations and

dreams. Actually he is even better than we hoped for….…more noble, graceful and

more elegeant ! We are very pleased with him and his first foals from 2006.



The Promise will be at stud for the breeding season 2006-7  for an introduction price.

Please call for more information  or click on the breeding contract below. 




He is straight Egyptian, black-bay, and a truely noble Arabian stallion.

His lines include Minstril-blood , double Hanan and genes for the black colour.

He is sired by The Minstril and out of a Jamil daughter called El Thay Tohfa.

The Promise carries a fine SE pedigree. For that we choose him.




In Canada The Promise was trained for show at Searles Arabian Inc. Training Center,

and we hope to enter him and his offspring into show at Vilhelmsborg too. We are very, very pleased with his four foals of 2006. He gives type and tall legs , tiny refined heads and good bodies. See for yourself under OFFSRPING.


From a breeders point of view the dam side of a pedigree is always very
important: His dam, El Thay Tohfa is at Kesanna in Canada and has there
been bred to True Colour many times and given the most adorable sisters
to The Promise. They can be viewed at

Wytch Craft (True Colours x El Thay Tohfa)

Athena KA (True Colours x El Thay Tohfa)

No Name (True Colours x El Thay Tohfa)


                                                                                               The Minstril / Photo by Rejeania More


The Promise at Ja'Arabians 2005.